"When the kit breaks or is on its last legs, Amrit's your man - 50 degree heat, duststorms, monsoon-type rain, rodents, clients - he calmly deals with the lot in providing the kind of client service that is often promised but rarely delivered."

Tim Harper Consultant Bell Pottinger Public Advocacy


"Amrit's team gave us mission-critical engineering back up for extended periods, responsive, professional trouble-shooting that kept a 24/7 edit and broadcast service up and running."

Mark Turnbull Former Managing Director at Bell Pottinger Public Advocacy


"I worked with Amrit for a year and a half in a high pressured environment in the Middle East. It was a job of high volumes and quick turn arounds. Throughout this project Amrit's work was consistently of high quality and he remained focused and calming presence in the edit."

David Skudder producer various projects, Bell Pottinger Public Advocacy


"Amrit is an incredibly fast editor with a huge amount of experience. A joy to work with too. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert"

John Deol Freelance Producer Director


"Amrit edited a brand new series at the BBC and together we devised a format for the show and a particular editing style. He has great creative flair, understands the need to tell a strong story, is quick to interpret what a director wants and can pull it all together in an amazingly fast time. He also knows the full capabilities of the software he uses and is excellent at constructing graphics. I'd have no hesitation in working with him again and am happy to recommend him."

Diane Glynn Producer, BBC


"As producer, I worked closely with Amrit as editor over a period of three years. I much enjoyed having him as a colleague and appreciated his willingness and ability to grapple with and solve some really difficult problems. Added to his prowess as editor he is second to none when it comes to understanding the technology! I am delighted to recommend Amrit."

Christopher Frederick Producer, Frederick Productions Ltd


"I have worked with Amrit on and off for the last 10 years and more recently on a Disney show. Together we created a number of high-end short inserts that I am extremely proud of and that’s down to the magic that Amrit brings to the post production process. He’s highly creative, dedicated and motivated and a real joy to work with. Definitely my editor of choice!"

Dave Baker Freelance PD Disney "Goalmouth"


"I have worked closely with Amrit as both an editor and consultant, rating him among the best in the business. His technical knowledge and editing skills are impressive enough, but Amrit is also one of the most patient, professional and courteous people I've had the pleasure of working with. He always contributes fully to any project, offering sound advice and wisdom gained from years at the top of his game."

Andrew Kidger Senior Vice President, Chello Media


"Amrit is an intuitive and creative editor who consistently delivers high-class broadcast and corporate programmes with efficiency and flair." Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative"

Ed Cooper Producer, Flesh Puppets


"I have been working with Amrit Fox-Bharry for a long time and I knew I could rely on him to cut the programme swiftly, without compromising quality, to meet the very tight overnight TX deadline for Channel 5."

Robert Chandler Producer, Wise Buddah Broadcast Limited


"n my opinion Amrit Fox-Bharry is the best Editor in Soho. I have worked with him for many years and he always produces award winning programmes for me. Since he started Splice Media the awards keep on coming."

Richard Gort Producer, BBC Sport


"Splice Media's pricing is very competitive and they always produce high end glossy documentaries for me. It's a joy to work with them and they never miss a deadline."

Robert Walker Producer, Rob Walker TV


"Amrit always seems to do the impossible on any Avid equipment I choose to use, giving my shows that extra special touch that only he can do."

Kez Margrie Producer, BBC


"Amrit always makes a potentially stressful edit into one that's a joy to do. Nothing seems to phase him. His answer to my questions is always "No problem, we can make this work". Can't wait for the next project."

Suzy Davis Producer, BBC